Artisans' Manager

Rhonda Gover


The Chestertown Artisans' Market, located near Fountain Park in Downtown Chestertown adjacent to the Farmers' Market, is intended to bring important benefits to the local artisan community, build a strong local economy, and support small businesses. The market's goal is to introduce residents and visitors to the diverse selection of local arts and crafts produced in Kent and Queen Anne Counties by the artists themselves.

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Chestertown Farmers' Market Artisans

Wanda Brumwell

Rhonda Gover

Doug Sassi

Heather Collins

Stephen Green

Chester River Soaperie

Lauri Crumpston

Nancy McTear

Judy Travis

Lisa Ford

Beve Miller

Marianne Sade

J & S Creations

Jimmy Reynolds

Mary Faulkner

Jessica Turner

Mike Riggin

Frank Anaya

Erin Moran






Artisan Vendors